5 Youtube Video Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

on January 19, 2017

It’s been established by now that video is the best way to reach and engage your target audience. We’ve discussed before why YouTube is the route to take here, but just to bring the point home, there are some facts you simply can’t ignore. With 100 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, more than 3 billion hours of video being watched on YouTube per month, and a 100% increase in mobile video consumption each year, you can only imagine what that means for YouTube video marketing in 2018.

With this in mind, the content you curate for YouTube has to be in tip-top shape in order to compete with the billions of other videos out there. While this may seem slightly daunting, you can and should use Youtube video marketing as a tool to help you boost business, as long as you avoid the following mistakes:

Mistake #1: Let YouTube Choose your Thumbnails

The thumbnail you add to videos is the only window your viewers have into what your video is about as they scroll through YouTube. That said, letting YouTube choose your thumbnail will often result in a misrepresentation of what you’re actually trying to show, because the three thumbnails they generate are taken from random snapshots of your video.

A thumbnail that doesn’t properly represent your product or service will mislead viewers who are expecting something different than your video shows, and your actual target audience will likely scroll past to the next video if it looks like yours doesn’t apply to them. As Tubular Insights jokingly says, “It’s a snapshot from the video itself so the site is bound to select the very best one for you,” meaning that you’ll likely achieve much better results if you choose your own thumbnail. Luckily, YouTube has an option to customize thumbnails as well, so you should take advantage of this if you have a verified account.

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Mistake #2: Treat YouTube Video Marketing as a Forum for Commercials

Since YouTube is a social media platform, you can easily turn off your viewers by uploading videos that are clearly in-your-face advertisements for your company. After all, you’ll never hear people say something in the vein of, “Hey, you know what would be fun? If we YouTubed a commercial about Kleenex right now,” because people usually peruse social media solely for entertainment purposes. The way to your viewers hearts is through funny, engaging content, rather than through obvious advertisements. People search for videos that are memorable and enjoyable, so you need to find a way to incorporate your brand’s essence into a funny or powerful message to intrigue your audience, and give them an incentive to come back for more.

Mistake #3: Ignore Using Keywords

Lack of keywords will hinder your videos’ SEO, which is a necessary tool to generate more viewers for your videos. Keywords, are, well, key in boosting your videos’ exposure, because they help YouTube understand the subject of your videos and rank them for the appropriate terms. The more likes your videos get, the higher the ranking, and this will eventually broaden the scope of your audience to those who can find you from Google. SEO is extremely important in your YouTube video marketing strategy, so make sure not to let your keywords slip by the wayside.

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Mistake #4: Forget to Promote

If a perfectly crafted video gets posted to YouTube but no one is around to watch it, did it really make a sound? The answer is no because it didn’t accomplish what you wanted. You can’t engage an audience that doesn’t exist, and it’s unlikely you’ll gain that audience unless you promote your channel. There are several strategies that can help you promote your videos, spanning anything from posting the link to your social media page (after becoming more active in social media), incorporating your videos into your own website or blog, sharing your videos with clients via email, and advertising your YouTube channel in all of your company’s sales materials.

Mistake #5: Fail to Provide a Link to Your Site

This one is pretty self explanatory; if you’re trying to create more clicks and leads with your channel, it’s imperative to give your viewers a way to reach your site. While entertaining your visitors with good content is a nice start, nothing is stopping them from scrolling to the next hot video unless you provide them with a call to action. Adding a link, preferably with some sort of “click here” sign, encourages your viewers to take that final step and follow through on their transaction with your business.

In short, YouTube video marketing is a powerful tool that can assist you in achieving your desired marketing results. Take care to avoid making the above mistakes, and you’ll soon watch as your audience grows with your effort.

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