Your Master Calendar for Social Media Videos

on November 29, 2017

 A Holiday gift from the Promo Team!


If you’re a social media manager or the manager of your own business’s Facebook Page, you are doing some pretty important work. With 76% of Americans looking at Facebook every single day (that’s 1.6 Billion visits a day) it’s essential to stand-out. We’d liken your Facebook page to a Billboard in Times Square, except with even more traffic and often less distraction. But sometimes creating new content can be tough. Searching for a muse or chugging two too many coffees wont always do the trick. That’s why we’ve got a game-changing gift just for you.

If you’re having any difficulty thinking up how to create a marketing video for every day of the week, your problem has been solved.

We’re literally giving over an entire monthly content schedule, start to finish. This includes themes, hashtags, holiday prep, jokes, and even video examples you can use yourself.

Here’s your Complete Social Media Calendar for December. It’s our Holiday gift to you!

Why? Because we want you to succeed and we know how to help make that happen. Use this guide and share your amazing content with #PromoPlan so we can give your biz a special shoutout. Happy Posting!

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