How to Make A Killer Video Intro for Facebook Ads

on April 24, 2016

While videos continue to see higher consumption and engagement rates, the need to create a high quality and completely polished video ad becomes more and more important. You don’t want your video to get lost in the crowd of competitors. You don’t want your audience to lose interest early and quickly click out before even seeing your logo. You don’t want to miss your chance to be seen and noticed. When you add a well-made, catchy video intro to your Facebook video ad, you avoid all these fears and ensure a successful start to a healthy relationship.

Get Better Results with a Great Video Intro

Video intros do more than just fill time and space. Intros set the tone for both your entire video ad and your overall brand story. They leave a beautiful impression and, when done correctly, can lead to longer viewing time as well as higher engagement rates on your video. At first it may seem like an unnecessary step when creating a video ad, however, the extra effort can result in a higher return on investment.

Just follow these four simple tips for how to make a killer video intro and you’ll have a Facebook video ad that will go above and beyond your expectations.

Keep It Short and Simple

A good video intro doesn’t need longer than 20 seconds. The footage itself should be clean and crisp. The music and sounds should fade in gently and naturally. When you keep these three elements–running time, good footage, and seamless sound–at the forefront of your video intro strategy, you’ll end up with a simple and effective start to your video.

Add Your Tagline

You may think 20 seconds might not give you enough time to get a message across. Wrong. Simple text over beautiful, clean content stands out. Again, keep it simple. Don’t add a whole paragraph of text, rather use a simple caption in bold font that gets your tagline in front of your audience easily and quickly.

Add Your Logo

Your logo establishes and represents you visual identity. It makes a statement about who you are and reflects your brand values. It absolutely needs to be included in your video intro for Facebook ads and other videos. Make sure you have the highest quality version of your logo in the right size. Test the placement of the logo in the intro. Experiment with putting it in the beginning versus what it looks like at the end. Decide for yourself which time enhances your brand and message.

Do It Yourself

Making an effective video intro for a Facebook video ad just got easier. Promo gives you the video content itself, premium pre-edited cuts and transitions, and high quality music tracks. Promo also gives you the freedom to design the elements of your video intro yourself. Rather than trying to get a second party to understand your needs and visions, Promo lets you create and realize them yourself. With all the tools and options Promo provides, your perfect video intro is just clicks away.


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