The Top Video Marketing Strategies For Contractors

on April 16, 2018

Out of the numerous different marketing tactics out there now, video marketing for contractors is one of the most successful. There are a lot of reasons why but mainly it has to do with the fact that video marketing is incredibly effective for displaying gorgeous homes and properties. In an age where a homeowner has access to every piece of data at their fingertips, contractors need to work a tad harder to maintain their attention.

That’s where video marketing for contractors comes in and helps push your business in front of more audiences. With the right strategies, a video makes your business the top choice for your target audience.

Here are some of the top ways you can increase your ROI and better network through video:

Create Videos That Drive Traffic

This isn’t about simply shooting a video and posting it to your site. You actually have to get clients there to see it. Video marketing for contractors means that you’re also responsible for distributing your videos all over the web. You should embed them into your website, share them natively across your social networks, and even include link to them in your relevant emails.

The best way for contractors to create videos that will drive traffic is to use a video template that sites like Promo video maker provides. You can use these types of sites to create beautiful videos that your clients will love—even with professional music. Once you have your content downloaded, you can then post it everywhere online to start driving meaningful traffic your direction.

If you take the time to create a gorgeous video, make the effort to have it available to the highest number of potential clients as possible. After all, video marketing for contractors only works if people actually view the video.

Consider Length & Purpose

You may feel like the property is beautiful enough to warrant a 20-minute video, but your clients never will. Even content that you create as a part of your video marketing for contractors efforts has time limits for attention spans. Unless you are marketing a massive mansion, you should be able to create a video that is under 5 minutes but is super engaging.

If you’re creating a walk-through style video, make sure you give an even amount of the time to all parts of the house, as your clients will be using this as a form of “virtual tour.” Even if there are some areas that are less attractive than others, it’s important to be as genuine as possible in your marketing videos.

If you’re creating a more branding style video, you want to keep these guys short and simple. Think about making a video based on an emotion related to building and customizing house. Make it funny or sweet, but still short, so that people stop, watch, and engage with it.

Always Keep it Creative

A lengthy montage of pictures or a stale video is not going to warrant excitement. If all else fails, humor is always one of the best-kept secrets for video engagement. If you make people laugh, they will remember you.

Video marketing for contractors doesn’t have to be dry. It can be creative and inspiring to potential clients. In fact, that’s probably how they end up as clients. Your marketing campaign stood out and made them feel a certain way.

Also, keep in mind that marketing content for this industry is about beautiful imagery and there’s no better way to display a property than with a high-quality video. Even some contractors are now using special techniques like 360-degree video or virtual reality to give the client a real feel for space.

First Strategize

Contractors shouldn’t shy away from video marketing. This industry is one of the most responsive and ready for the type of strategy and content. The end work you provide should be put on display and shared with those people who have yet to meet you. And the best way to do it is with videos. No matter your experience with marketing, if you want to grow your business, video marketing for contractors will help you get there faster.


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