6 Do’s and Don’ts of Video Marketing

on March 14, 2016

As long as people exist, there are only two things that will literally be around forever. Two things that have a kind of symbiotic relationship with life in general. Two things that are almost impossible to expel.

The first, and maybe most obvious, is cockroaches. No matter how hard you try to get rid of them, they just keep coming back. The other is advertising. Advertising is a natural function of life. You can see it everywhere, not just when it comes to selling products and services. For example, a peacock attracts a peahen by advertising his bright, beautifully colored feathers in the same way a makeup brand attracts customers.

Knowing this about advertising means that if you have a product or service, you must constantly evolve your marketing techniques and strategies to stay relevant. In today’s market, it’s all about promoting yourself with good video marketing.

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Video Marketing Is Much Easier Than You Think

For SMB’s with smaller marketing budgets video ads may sound like a big, scary and expensive investment. But, with the help of new technologies like Promo, creating good videos for Facebook and Instagram video marketing is much simpler than you think, especially with these 6 helpful do’s and don’ts.

Do Tell An Authentic Story

Video offers a huge opportunity for customers to get to know the real you–your values, your practices, your mission. Customers appreciate transparency and honesty. So when you make your video ad tell a natural and, if possible, unscripted story. Tell a story that invites the audience in to hear about what you believe in and how you work to fulfill your mission. Also, testimonials really help in telling your special, authentic story.

Don’t Get Carried Away

Keep in mind that most people browsing through the web have a short attention span for ads. Social media also puts a cap on the time limit of your video. So, keep your video short, simple, and to the point. Choose one to three major points to highlight and try not to exceed a time limit of 60 seconds.

Do Follow Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Just because you’re using video marketing as your media, does not mean you should stray away from your overall brand messaging. Your video ad should work as strong supplement for telling your same story and executing your strategy. This will keep your messaging coherent and your audience engaged and familiar with your brand.

Don’t Skimp on Good Footage & Music

Thanks to social media outlets, like Instagram, and evolving smartphone technology, video marketing requires beautiful, high quality content in order to be seen. Take care in picking the best quality clips and great music which suits your strategy and brand. Using stunning footage paired with the right music will keep your audience engaged and interested.

Do Promote on Multiple Channels

Video marketing really helps you reach so many customers, both existing and completely new leads. Why? Because you can post the same video ad to all of your social media outlets where it will reach your existing followers and have the chance to go viral. Video ads are simple to see and easy to share. With organic virality on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter you will reach more and more people.

Don’t Feel Pressured to Hire a Professional

Strong video marketing plans with good video ads do not need to cost a truck load of money. When you use Promo, you get a great video, stocked with high definition footage and music, at a price that won’t clear out your annual budget. Try it for yourself. Use Promo to make the perfect ad for your video marketing strategy.




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