Don’t Get Left Behind in the Video Ad Revolution

on May 11, 2016

At this point in the video ad revolution, we read the all numbers, stats, and articles telling us why we should be using video ads in our marketing plans. We know that the video consumption rate continues to rise. We know that 36% of consumers view videos over 5 minutes in length. We know that social networks, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, make it easier and more beautiful to publish videos. We also know that YouTube, Vine,Periscope and Snapchat helped to put video in the forefront of social engagement. None of this is new to any of us.

What Makes A Great Video Ad?

But, after reading article after blog after case study, we noticed that no one was helping us to understand what makes a video ad work. What topics and themes help drive engagement? What content helps turn window shoppers in consumers? What makes a good video ad?

We’re not promising you that this blog will give you the key to absolute success in video ad marketing. We’re here to show you what we think makes for a high quality video ad– something that could drive engagements for your business–and why we think it works.

3 Ways to Measure Success

We’ll start this academic series with a recent video ad by a well-known dog food company, Pedigree. We’ll analyze the ad based on three categories: story line, quality of content, and viral potential.

Story line

This ad shows the unique and special connection between a dog and its owner. Throughout the years, many studies show the amazing pair bonding that occurs between people and their dogs. This ad tests pair bonding by analyzing the heart rates of each participant when separated verses together. (That’s the sciencey part out of the way so now we can get to the good parts.)

The ad follows three different stories of people and their dogs. Each person in this story talks about how their dog helps support and enrich their lives. Their dogs help them overcome obstacles, both physical and emotional, every day. This storyline is simple, informative (we do learn some science here, after all), and super emotional. These three things easily engage the audience, hold their attention, and forget that they’re even watching an ad. It’s not in your face with crazy marketing lingo and CTAs, it’s a story about people and dogs. It’s relatable, it pulls at the heartstrings, and it’s not too overwhelming or long.

When it comes to story line, this ad works well and has great potential to generate high engagement rates.

video ads


Quality of Content

When we say quality of content, we refer to the technical aspects of the ad itself. The quality of the footage, editing, and even music choice.

Since this ad comes from a large company with (what we can only guess) a large marketing and production budget, Pedigree obviously scores very highly for the quality of the video. They likely created it to suit both television and online spots which means they took great consideration in footage and production.

This ad obviously offers the viewers with clear, well shot, and well produced video and we think this appeals to all audiences and would help bolster reach and engagement.

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Viral Potential

As we said above, this ad works well because of the great story line which provided an emotional theme. The combination of dogs (which animals in general attract a lot of positive attention and virility on their own on social media) with the emotional element makes this video ad a real winner. It’s identifiable, understandable, simple, not too long, and just a good watch.

We believe that, when shared on social media, this video ad would go viral quickly and easily.

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We found that this ad, with it’s great story line and high quality content, definitely has the potential to go viral and drive better engagement for your brand. Creating a video ad that tells your whole story well isn’t easy, but it’s also not impossible. With a few tips from us, you can start a comprehensive, efficient, and successful video ad marketing plan with the right tools.


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