Learn What A Promotional Video Definition Is And Why It’s Important

on March 12, 2018

Before you start opening the can of worms that is digital marketing, you’ll need to understand the role videos will play and hammer down a promotional video definition to make getting started much easier. There are many types of videos you can produce for your business from product videos and testimonials to explainer and employee training videos, but following a clear promotional video definition will show you the power this type of video can bring to your brand and your overall marketing goals.

What is a Promotional Video?

The most obvious promotional video definition is a business video with the intent to promote your products and services to customers and prospects. But, this type of video goes a tad more in depth than just yammering off the things you do.

The true promotional video definition is that it’s a piece of content specifically designed to be a personal conversation between you and your customer. Although you can still pitch something, the ultimate goal is to give the audience a feel for your brand and what your business is about, i.e. your values.

Take the opportunity in a promotional video to showcase your brand but be quick and concise. Remember, people have shorter attention spans online and although a video may catch their eye, it’s not going to keep them entertained for 20-minutes. Under 2-minutes should always do the trick. Even massive conglomerates, like the tech company Intel, refuse to release video marketing content over 2-minutes, so you shouldn’t either.

How Does A Promotional Video Drives Sales?

A promotional video is an introduction to your business and thus it will be at the forefront of all your digital marketing. That means your website, YouTube channel, and even your Facebook cover. The fact is, videos can increase conversion rates by 80% simply by putting them on a landing page.

When it comes to video, the numbers can be staggering. Some additional points to note about successful promotional videos include:

  • Featuring yourself and employees can encourage brand trust.
  • A continuous video series can increase brand loyalty.
  • Video significantly increases the amount of time visitors stay on your page.
  • Search engines will always prefer companies that use video.

52% of marketers worldwide name video as the content with the best ROI. So, putting a promotional video front and center of your digital marketing strategy is the key to increasing sales and winning new customers. Don’t start digital marketing without one.

What’s The Easiest Way to Create Videos?

Now that we’ve gone over a promotional video definition and its relation to potential sales, you should understand how simple it is to create one. You don’t need a fancy production team that makes you wait weeks while paying thousands of dollars. As fast-paced as video marketing is these days, you’ve got to make them that quickly as well.

Promo is a video creation platform that specializes in brilliant video templates that will change your idea of a promotional video. You will telling your unique brand story but now all you need to do so is add logo and messaging. Promo takes care of the rest. With millions of premium video clips, thousands of professionally licensed music tracks, easy Facebook integration, and a lifetime license, this is the type of platform that will change the way you video market.

Don’t ever confuse a product video with a promotional video. They are two completely different concepts. Think of it as the content items that show the world what your business is all about. Make it engaging and interesting, and people will remember you. The ultimate promotional video definition lies in how you convey your values to your audience and the way you define the true value of your brand.


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