How To Run Video Marketing For Fashion On A Budget

on June 25, 2018

Video marketing is a powerful tool, especially for the budget-conscious fashion business. The startup costs associated with the fashion industry can be tremendous. There’s product, design, and manufacturing costs to consider as well as providing a place to sell your fashion items.

Whether you’re a brick and mortar store, an eCommerce brand, or a combination of both: it takes a lot to make it in fashion. You already know that marketing is a crucial part of your approach. After all, who’s going to buy it if they can’t find it in the first place?

Your marketing dollars are important, especially when there are fashion trends and hot threads popping up every week. Thankfully, video marketing is a great way to get the most bang for your fashion budget buck.

Here are a few steps to get you started.

Define Your Video Marketing Strategy

What is the point of your video marketing? Sure, you want to sell more clothes. However, it has to go beyond just the dollars and cents. Yes, we all know you’re trying to sell product. That much will be obvious to anyone. However, go deeper with your intent and strike at the core of your target audience’s needs.

Your video marketing should inspire them to take action (buying). It should also educate and entertain, if possible. What is the image you’re trying to convey? The lifestyle? The vibe? Define those critical elements and you’ll be on a better path to a comprehensive video marketing strategy.

Look Inside For Success

It’ll help if you can show real people out in the world wearing your clothing in specific situations. Is that coat supposed to keep you warm in the cold? Show it. Is that bikini supposed to look good on the beach? Show it.

But wait, won’t that cost a ton of money? From hiring models to setting up expensive video shoots? It can, but it doesn’t have to. You can create great video content from the comfort of your office or by using your own employees. How does that business casual attire look in the office? Show Jim from accounting wearing it. Let your employees take clothes hope and wear them for a weekend (and record it!) so your customers can see what real people wearing real clothes out in the real world think of them. Best of all, you’ve got some free video to use in your next ad!

Not only can you save a TON of money this way, you also provide an important human connection to your audience. If viewers know that really IS Jim from accounting or Susan from sales, they’re more likely to connect with your brand.

A common phrase in sales is that “people buy from people.” This isn’t always the easiest thing to accomplish online, but by using your own team for your video marketing efforts you can help bridge that gap.

So tell Jim to get a haircut for once. Seriously Jim.

Go “Behind The Scenes”

There’s a tendency to hear “advertisements” when we think of “video marketing.” Sure, the typical “ad” will always be a large part of your video content, but it doesn’t have to be. Content comes in many forms and while you can use Jim from accounting (and his new haircut) to sell products, you can also use it to tell a story.

Customer’s love it when the curtain is pulled back and they get a behind the scenes look at what makes their favorite companies tick. Don’t be afraid to do a video tour of your facility, a Q&A with the sales team, or other behind the scenes situations.

User-Generated Content

Want to really save on production costs? Get your customers involved. Encourage customers to share their own video content with you. This can be done as part of a larger promotion, or in exchange for discounts and other rewards.

It may cost too much to film a bathing suit commercial on the beach in Hawaii, but odds are you’ve got plenty of customers who are willing to share their own beach videos in exchange for a coupon on their next purchase, or maybe just temporary internet fame! In turn, you get some great video shots to use in your next video marketing campaign.

Best of all, people love to do it! In fact, 50% of consumers WANT brands to tell them what type of content to share. Only 18% of brands actually do. Be the 18%.

User-generated content isn’t only low (zero) cost for your company to create, it actually works! Ads that are based around user-generated content may generate up to 4X the number of clicks that a branded company video receives.

Social proof is a powerful tool. People love to see real customers offering real feedback and demonstrating real benefits.

Promote Your Video Content

You don’t have to hire a big, expensive marketing company to get the most out of your video content. What you do have to do is know where and how to promote your content to maximize your returns.

YouTube is a wonderful, free place to host your videos or share them from. However, they aren’t likely to generate a lot of views by simply sitting there. A better option is to use the powerful ad targeting features of Facebook.

Facebook allows or short, powerful video marketing ads. You can target your specific target audience by age, location, interests, and more. With this type of hyper-targeting, you can reach the people you need to reach quickly and effectively.

Best part of all, it doesn’t cost a ton to reach a ton of people. Set a manageable budget, analyze your video ads performance, and make adjustments as needed. No need to go for broke on your first ad. Measure, refine, and measure some more.

ABC: Always Be Creating

Video marketing is a powerful tool, but it isn’t a “one and done” tool. Brands are most successful when they create a large library of video marketing content and are consistently looking for new ways to innovate and explore their brand and their overall marketing strategy.

In turn, consumers respond. 52% of shoppers are more confident when their online purchasing experience includes video content, and nearly 60% of shoppers say they feel a brand which uses video content is more trustworthy.

Video marketing is a powerful tool and thankfully, it isn’t one that has to cost a lot. You aren’t far off from an effective video marketing strategy that won’t break the bank. All you need is a bit of creativity and the desire to create and curate great content!

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