How To Make Successful Video Marketing For Real Estate

on April 16, 2018

Whether you’re a solo agent, a listing specialist, or a large firm, video marketing for real estate is worth exploring. In fact, statistics show that listings that include video content receive four times as many inquiries as those without video.   

Sure, you’ve seen listings that include video. Perhaps you’ve even shot a few videos yourself. This is a great start and a great way to get into the video marketing for real estate game. However, there’s more to explore than a video walkthrough of a property.

Here’s how you can do more with your video marketing for real estate and be successful.

Create Referral Videos

Telling potential clients that you’re the best for the job is great. However, they expect you to say that. Really, what else WOULD you say? However, video testimonials from people you’ve worked with in the past carry more weight.

Social proof is important. Customers want to know that they can trust you and they feel better hearing it from someone else. Think beyond past clients. Lenders, builders, home inspectors, and more can offer critical referrals to your business.

Interview Local Businesses

When someone purchases a home, they’re also buying into the neighborhood, town, or city where their new home is located. Create an ad that focuses on more than just the property itself. Show them what they’re getting along with the home. A great pizza joint? A 5-star restaurant? The best antique store in the state?

Be creative with your video marketing for real estate. Not only will potential buyers appreciate it, but local businesses love the free publicity. They may even think of you when someone asks for a referral.

Devise Personal Videos

In sales, it’s often said that “people buy from people.” When it comes to real estate, any agent worth their salt will tell you the human element plays a big factor. Create a personal promotional video around yourself or your agency.

Promote your company values. What sets you apart? Give clients an idea of what it will be like working with you. If they connect with you on a personal level then you’ve won half the battle.

Be Creative

There’s virtually no end to the type of videos you can create when promoting your real estate business. Don’t be afraid to be creative and think outside the box. Interview pet owners at the local dog park, film a local event and turn it into an ad for the entire town. If you can think it or dream it, it can be done.

What Do I Do With These Videos?

The great thing about video marketing is there’s virtually no end to what you can do with the content once you have it. Post it on social media, use it in your listings, blast it in your email marketing efforts, or use it online ad campaigns.

As you can see, there’s a lot of mileage to be gained from just one video. Can you imagine what you can accomplish with more?

Get Started

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Every business needs to be making effective use of video in today’s online world. If your company is ready to take the next step, use Promo for all your video marketing for real estate needs.


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