Facebook Video Ad Examples To Inspire You

on March 12, 2018

Gone are the days of having straightforward and basic Facebook video ad examples. The tired “buy this because x,y,z” form of advertising has gone the way of the Dodo bird thanks to modern content marketing.

As a company or brand, you want to be able to connect with your customers, or prospective customers, by eliciting an emotional response and reaching them on a deeper level. In fact, people are less likely to skip your Facebook video ad if it is humorous or has a strong message.

In recent years, Facebook has shifted from just friends interacting with short wall posts and images to being a place for publishers and video creators to distribute and share their video content heavily. Whether it is a sign of the times or not, it is important to capitalize on it. You want to provide the best Facebook video ad examples out there to stay ahead of your competition and boost your brand.

Why Facebook Video Ads Are Important

Facebook is becoming increasingly video-driven. In fact, so is the entire internet. And you know what? Businesses are taking notice. Per Hubspot, the average business posts 18 videos each month.

Using Facebook video ads are crucial because they allow businesses to zero in on a target audience. What does your ideal customer look like? A 34-year old lawyer who drinks scotch and lives in Pittsburgh? You can target that customer with Facebook’s powerful ad management tools.

Scotch-drinking lawyers aside, the possibilities are endless. Are you ready to take the leap into the world of online video marketing with Facebook?

Facebook Video Ad Examples And Why They Work

Always is a brand that makes feminine hygiene products. Remember when we talked about zeroing in on your target audience? This is where Facebook’s targeting power comes in handy. You can place an ad in the newspaper or run a commercial, but you don’t have control over who sees it. Odds are, a good chunk of those exposed to your ad will never become customers. That’s wasted potential. With Facebook video ads, you can control precisely to whom the ad is targeted.

Recently, Always released a video where girls and women talked about what emojis they would create. However, what they are really doing is having women show that they are strong and valid, just like their hygienic products will make them feel if they use them.

This ad wouldn’t appeal to men, because they aren’t the ones who are the main buyer of Always products. This Facebook video ad example shows that Always wants to connect with their customers and establish solidarity.

Note the 15,000 views. You can bet that with Facebook’s targeting tool, those are 15,000 quality views targeted at current or potential customers. Much more effective then throwing an ad in a newspaper and hoping it gets seen by the right people.

Let’s Look At Another Facebook Video Ad Example

Electronics company, LG, introduced a removable battery in some of their phones a couple years back and created this great Facebook video ad example that is to the point, clear and funny.

Instead of using a power strip that has a ton of wires plugged into it, they have a battery that can easily be swapped out for another charged one. Who’ the target audience for this kind of ad?  Well, pretty much anyone with a smartphone and looking to upgrade.

Beyond that, LG was trying to appeal to current LG customers as well as people who might be dissatisfied with Apple or Samsung which didn’t offer the same thing.

What Makes a Good Video?

The most effective video ads shy away from being overly “salesy” in their presentation. It’s important to strike a chord with the audience, whether that’s humor, a shared connection to the product, or a demonstration of value.

As you can see, no two ads are exactly alike. There’s a reason that businesses are posting 18+ videos per month on social media. That is because businesses have a lot of things to share with their customers. Whether it’s product demonstrations, announcing events, or promoting a new feature, a video is the best way to deliver your message to your target audience.

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The above are just a couple Facebook video ad examples to get you inspired and show you the power of video. Next, let Promo by Slidely inspire YOU. Who knows, the next Facebook video ad example we talk about could be yours.


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