Best Practices for Advertising on Facebook with Video

on January 5, 2017

For years, YouTube held the throne as the most powerful platform for video consumption and distribution. At the end of 2015, YouTube reported 7 billion daily video views and, in 2016, stated that 72 hours of video were uploaded to the platform every minute. That’s crazy impressive.

However, by the end of 2015, Facebook started to chip away at YouTube’s video dominance.In Q3 of 2015, Facebook reported 8 million daily video views and, even, created a special algorithm dedicated to giving video priority on the News Feed battleground. This makes it clear that today, for brands of all sizes, Facebook is definitely the best place to advertise.

The Power of Facebook

Advertising on Facebook with video gets you in front of a large (almost 1.5 billion active daily users), engaged, and active audience. It offers great opportunities for brands to build relationships and awareness at the same time. Facebook’s platform also gives space to brands with budgets of all sizes–you can see a video from your neighborhood coffee shop and from Nike Running on your feed back to back.

But, it takes serious strategy to achieve the kind of success that produces amazing stats. Creating a professional, beautiful video is only one step. Knowing how to use Facebook advertising tools, understanding KPI’s, and learning how to target your audience correctly and effectively is what gets the results you want to see. Here are five best practices for advertising on Facebook with video.

Don’t Publish Your Video on Facebook Until You Know These 5 Things

Use Short Videos Only

Advertising on Facebook with video is not like a traditional television commercial. Several market studies show that shorter videos perform the best on social media. In fact, most viewers prefer 15 second videos to any other video length.

Since you only have 15 seconds, don’t overwhelm your audience with an intro, credits or logos at the beginning, or too much information packed into a small space. Keep your message concise with well-written captions and eye-catching footage. Also, remember, most videos on the feed play automatically without sound. This puts even more importance on high-quality, creative content for your video. Keep it short, simple, and to the point for the absolute best results.

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Define Objectives and Measure

You need specific goals before you publish your video. You can run ads to generate conversation and buzz, drive traffic, get video views, increase reach, or get engagements. These objectives are all measurable and will help you determine and stay on track with your budget.

Measuring your performance is super important to advertising on Facebook with video. To do this, set and follow your KPIs (these can be video views, view time, reach, and/or engagement) and benchmarks. A benchmark is a standard or point of reference against which things may be compared or assessed. Benchmarking is the process of comparing performance metrics to past numbers in order to set new standards and goals for your ad.

Watch performance and analyze your video stats using the Insights tool through your Facebook account. It tracks and stores various KPIs consistently to help you see and understand how you’re doing.

Facebook video advertising

Create Custom Audiences

Good results for any piece of content comes from knowing your audience very well. It’s more than know they’re basic demographics. It’s about understanding and knowing their behavior on Facebook and with video as well.

When you advertise on Facebook with video, you get access to tools that help you define and target your audience very precisely. Facebook recently updated the Custom Audience feature wherein now you create audiences based on the following levels of engagement:

  • 3 seconds watched
  • 10 seconds watched
  • 25% watched
  • 50% watched
  • 75% watched
  • 95% watched

Creating audiences with this information ensures that your video gets delivered and viewed. It helps amp up engagement and spread your message and brand to highly interested and already engaged parties.

Facebook video advertising

Post At The Right Time and Consistently

A recent study by the folks at YuMe found that viewers are more receptive and likely to watch branded video content in the early mornings. This means posting your video on Facebook anywhere between the hours of 3:00am and 11:59am. To find your perfect hour, simply post different videos during different times (within the defined early morning hours) and watch the reach. The hour that gets the best reach is your winner.

Once you find that hour, make sure to post only during that time on a consistent schedule. Facebook gives priority to videos that get the best engagement and to pages that post on a consistent schedule. Facebook likes to see that both your content and page have life and are engaging, so find the right time and stick to posting your best content often on that hour.

Facebook video advertising

Know When To Boost Video Posts

When you get into the routine of posting videos on your page, Facebook will take notice and ask you to boost your videos. Boosting a video post will automatically get you more reach and likely produce way more engagement. Boosting a video is a great idea as long as you know when to do it.

As a general rule, you don’t boost every time you post a video. You only boost the posts that already perform well organically. So, before you boost, go over your insights and stats to find the best performing post over the last three to seven days. Throw your desired amount of money behind it and measure its performance along the way.

Facebook video advertising


When video moved onto the content marketing thrown, it took up a lot of space and made an almost instant and long lasting impact. Creating a video no longer poses a challenge for brands wanting to break into video marketing. Now, it’s all about good strategy and best practices to achieve your goals with advertising on Facebook with video. Following these steps will definitely put you a great position to create an awesome impact of your own.


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