Are You Using A Facebook Video Banner Yet?

on March 20, 2018

One of the hottest trends among Facebook Business Pages is the new and stunning Facebook video banner. Transforming your cover photo from a bland, static image into a beautiful piece of video content is just the thing to spruce up your Facebook Page.

What Is a Facebook Video Banner?

On Facebook Business Pages, the cover photo is that long slice of real estate that sits at the very top of your page. It lives on the right of your profile picture and, typically, businesses fill that space with a static image that includes a logo or a photograph of their product.

For years that worked wonders. But, now that Business Pages can use videos to fill that valuable space, it no longer makes any good business sense to use a static image–especially with 43% of consumers saying they want to see more videos.

What’s more, by using your Facebook video banner as a call to action, brands can drive visitors to take the next step through their funnel. The video can be used in much the same way you might use a video on a landing page and drive customers to your website, app, or more, and increase conversions.

Considering the numbers, stats, and influence video shows, you’d be crazy not to start using a Facebook video banner in such an important place on your Page.

What Kind of Video Should I Use?

At first glance, a video banner is an attention-grabbing opportunity for visitors to your page. Since this will likely be the first thing visitors see, you want to make your Facebook video banner work for you.

Here are a few ideas for videos that would work well for any business:

Service Or Product Demonstration

Your business solves a problem, right? Show your solution in action. Use this space to showcase how your product or service works. Let customers know that you understand their problems and show them firsthand how you can help.

Tell Your Brand Story

What is at the core of your company’s culture? How did you get to where you are today? Brand stories are popular and offer an emotional connection between the customer and the company. It helps to create loyalty and let customers know what you’re all about.

Post An Advertisement

There’s nothing wrong with using this space to sell. Post your best product or service advertisement and use this space to generate sales. In fact, a proper advertisement video may contain elements of all three of these examples. Your Facebook video banner is prime real estate, so don’t let it go to waste.

There’s almost no end to the creative opportunities that this space affords. There’s also no rule that says once you post a video you can’t change it. Mix things up and change it weekly, monthly, or quarterly. Hey, if Google can change their doodle every day, you can swing a new video every month.

How to Create A Facebook Video Banner

Businesses of all kinds need video content to help drive sales, tell their story and advertise their products. Of course, creating this type of content is costly and time-consuming, right? Not so fast. If you use Promo by Slidely, beautiful and professional videos are only a few short steps away.

Our service offers you access to over 3.5 million professional, high-quality video clips as well as ready-made videos that are just waiting for your brand’s personal touch.

With a plan to suit the video needs of any business, Promo by Slidely has what you need to create stunning, engaging video content. Our platform is easy to use and you can create videos in less than 5 minutes.

If you’re looking to make the most of your social media real estate, try Promo for all your Facebook video banner needs.


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