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Your Complete Social Media Plan For January

Start the year off right with your Promo Plan!


It’s 2018! Hands up if you feel like 2008 was 4 seconds ago.

Time flies and the end of the year can feel like if you blink you’ll miss something. That’s why we’ve decided to continue in the Holiday spirit from our December social media calendar and keep the good vibes and helpful tips a’flowing.

Kick off 2018 with our brand new Promo Plan providing all the video gems you’ll need to get your likes up on Facebook. You can create a marketing video for every day of the week in no time flat.

As you may have dreamed, this includes themes, hashtags, business recommendations, jokes, and even video examples you can use yourself.


Here’s your Complete Social Media Calendar for January.


Use this guide and share your amazing content with #PromoPlan so we can give your biz a special shout out.

Ready to create a video ad? Try Promo today!

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