4 Examples Of The Most Inspiring Marketing Videos on the Web

on March 26, 2018

It’s always good to be encouraged and when it comes to digital marketing, the best marketing videos examples lie in the ability to tell a story and engage the audience. The following are four of the most inspiring marketing videos you can find:

#1 – Dove: “Choose Beautiful”

This is one of those marketing videos that will tug at your heartstrings and you won’t even realize it is intended for advertising. As one of our favorite marketing video examples, the “Choose Beautiful” campaign is a series that involves women all over the world making a choice. This particular video garnered a bunch of views and involved two doorways. Are you “average” or “beautiful?”

But really this was a series of effective marketing videos about making women deeply consider self-acceptance. Mothers were pulling daughters over to the “beautiful” door, while some women traveled through the “average” door, deeply regretting it.

The ad ends with a quote: “Beautiful is a great word. So why not make that choice?” It was one of the most powerful marketing videos the brand had ever created.

#2 – Facebook: “Tips” Series

In the Facebook series “Tips,” the website demonstrates advice on performing different functions on the platform. It’s one of those marketing videos examples that strictly uses animation to get their point across and does it quite effectively. The “Tips” series includes simple demonstrations, like:

  • Adding a friend to a group.
  • Turning off notifications.
  • Using stickers.
  • Unfollowing people.

This series of Facebook marketing videos are not pushy and are very short in length. That means they’re easily digestible. You could probably watch the entire set of marketing videos examples in under 5 minutes.

#3 – Intel” “Meet the Makers” Series

As masters of storytelling, Intel offers some of the best marketing videos on the web. The mini-documentaries profile people that are creating new technologies using Intel products. When it comes to marketing videos examples, it’s pure genius. The series covers the makers of products like:

The stories all run under two-minutes long and the only marketing push that Intel makes is their logo in the corner. It’s a series of marketing videos that can’t be missed and if you choose to follow suit with a concept like this but have a fraction of the budget, then consider online video makers and editors like Promo by Slidely. Not only does the Promo platform already provide you with award-winning video content, you can create them in less than 5 minutes and market them in a flash.

#4 – GoPro: “Fireman Saves a Kitten”

Although this brand is known for their endless sea of beautiful marketing videos examples that include extreme sports, they intentionally wanted to target a wider audience. The vast majority of the marketing videos they put online involve people jumping out of planes and performing crazy stunts. But this was one of their most successful campaigns to date.

What makes the “Fireman Saves a Kitten” video one of the top marketing videos examples for GoPro, was because it was unexpected, and it was real. It was a demonstration of their product being used to save a life. It was also one of several of their marketing videos examples that went viral and people barely realized that is was even about a product.

The idea is to make a video that is relatable to people and that doesn’t feel too salesy. Consumers are smart and they have high expectations. Creating marketing campaigns that inspire people, maybe even make them cry, is by far the most effective type of digital marketing there is. Marketing videos that put the message above the product will win every time.



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