We’re currently living at the height of the video revolution. With well over 300 hours of new videos uploaded to YouTube on a daily basis and Facebook hitting 8 billion daily video views, it’s clear that video is king for content consumers and creators alike.

It’s a time where, if you have a camera, you can turn your daily life, hidden talents and passions, and silly pets into overnight viral sensations. With such high viewership and demand for online videos, we’re here to help you make money with your videos with these three tips.

Tip 1: Create Unique Content with Good Titles & Thumbnails

With all this demand comes competition. It’s important to make your videos valuable through the content itself (whether it’s an interesting makeup tutorial or your cat swimming in the bathtub), a special editing style, and searchable titles. Advertisers and businesses looking to run pre-roll ads look for good, high quality videos by searching for good SEO titles and attractive thumbnails. Before you upload your video, run some keyword research and spend time creating a thumbnail that will make people want to click on on your video. Make both the title and image simple and clear. It will help you attract more views which means higher CPMS for the pre-roll ads on your videos.

Tip 2: Make Money with Sponsorships

Once you have an established video channel or Facebook page full of videos, consider working with brands, businesses, and companies to create sponsored videos. Work with brands and businesses that suit your content, niche, and audience. Your time and opinion are valuable. Plus, working in an arena with such a captive and hungry audience puts you in a very influential position. That’s incredibly valuable to brands and businesses. Remember to stay genuine and honest with your opinions and first impressions and your audience will trust you no matter what.

Tip 3: Partner with UGC Media Companies

Partnering with a professional company can help promote and license your video internet wide. This will help you make money by distributing your video to huge audiences and putting your content in front of paying advertisers, brands, and companies. (Plus, they will protect your videos from unfair usage.) There are various types of licensing options to protect you and your content. Just do a little research and find a UGC media company that suits you.

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