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Video Marketing

  • The Best Time To Post Your Videos Online

    In 2018, video ads have clearly established themselves as the most valuable form of content for marketing. Businesses of all sizes are joining the revolution by creating online videos and publishing effective…

  • social media calendar

    Your Master Calendar for Social Media Videos

     A Holiday gift from the Promo Team!   If you’re a social media manager or the manager of your own business’s Facebook Page, you are doing some pretty important work. With 76% of…

  • Your Holiday To-Do List of Marketing Musts

    With the Holiday season in full swing, we are dreaming of days sipping hot cocoa or a little trip to a beach curled up with the perfect book. But before the vacation…

  • video dimensions

    The Best Video Dimensions For Your Marketing

    Want to know a 30 second secret to creating marketing videos that work? The kind of videos that smash your KPI’s and bring in the truly valuable traffic? It’s even more simple…