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  • Advertising on Facebook with Video

    Best Practices for Advertising on Facebook with Video

    For years, YouTube held the throne as the most powerful platform for video consumption and distribution. At the end of 2015, YouTube reported 7 billion daily video views and, in 2016, stated…

  • video ads

    The Best Time to Post Your Video Ads

    In 2016, video ads and video marketing continued to rise as the most valuable tool and strategy for overall marketing success. Marketers and brands of all sizes rushed to join the revolution…

  • online video advertising

    6 Strategies for Online Video Advertising

    It’s become apparent that videos have taken over the media, and consequently the focus of our attention spans. In fact, video ads get a CTR of 4 to 7 times more than…

  • YouTube Video Promotion

    YouTube Video Promotion – 5 Ways to Do It Right

    Your first video is edited, uploaded and ready to go, but just posting it online isn’t enough. In order to make sure it circulates and ensure that people watch it, you need…

  • holiday video ad campaign

    What To Include In Your Holiday Video Ad Campaign

    In 1932, Black Friday, the Friday after Thanksgiving, became the official first day of holiday shopping. Since that day so many years ago, brands and retailers worldwide continue to benefit from a…