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  • real estate marketing ideas

    9 Low Budget Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

    Real estate marketing isn’t what it used to be. Formerly competitive advantages have become the standard bar for entry, overly saturated markets continue to grow, and competition for visibility remains tiger-fierce. And…

  • video views

    How To Get More Video Views On Social Media

    Over the past few years, as video transformed into the new king of content marketing, social media platforms constantly boast about the huge number of video views they bring in every day.…

  • content marketing strategy

    5 Tips to Amplify Your Content Marketing Strategy

    Do you remember what the internet was like before YouTube and viral videos took over our screens? Don’t worry—we hardly can either since videos have become an integral part of our daily…

  • video ads

    The Best Time to Post Your Video Ads

    In 2016, video ads and video marketing continued to rise as the most valuable tool and strategy for overall marketing success. Marketers and brands of all sizes rushed to join the revolution…